Analytic Formation

Our program consists in four theoretical seminars, a clinical workshop and an international seminar per semester for three years. We are the first Lacanian institution in Colorado to offer such a possibility. Our Clinical College is inscribed in the international network of the Lacanian Field, (, and it responds to the increasing interest of the local community in a formal program of study in Lacanian analysis. The faculty of our program is international and it is integrated by colleagues of the Lacanian Field.

The structure of our College aims to transmit the logic of the unconscious guided by the teachings of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan. The itinerary of the texts chosen for the program respond to the wish of providing a formation that is based on the unconscious, and subsequently deeply rooted in the ethics of psychoanalysis (quite distinct from a code of ethics, or a set of professional standards!), with its political consequences.

Our choice is to offer the possibility of a practice that conceives the choices of the speaking being as constitutive and fundamental. Desire is the aim of our transmission.

Our program offers a scholarly track for those colleagues who are in the academic fields and do not intend to practice analysis. The main difference is that this option does not require the completion of the clinical workshops.

The Logic of the case

The Logic of the Case is a space that will be dedicated to the writing and presentation of clinical cases. To that end we encourage everyone to bring a case of their own practice that they wish to work on, or we can provide the clinical material for those who don’t have a practice yet.

We will dedicate a few meetings to explore in detail what constitutes the ‘literary genre’, so to speak, of a clinical case. It is a great evidence that the writing of clinical cases is not an easy task. We will work together on individually writing a clinical case, while deriving its logic in the process. At the end of the workshop everyone will have a written case, ready for to be presented if they so desire.

The Logic of the Case meets biweekly, on Fridays at 2:30pm.

International Seminar

The International Seminar is a space that has an articulating function between the three instances of our institution, which are: the Clinical College of Colorado, the Psychoanalytic Forum of Colorado and the School of Psychoanalysis of the Forums of the Lacanian Field. The aim is to foster a good working climate that will continue to cause us in this endeavor, to become aware of the appreciations of colleagues from other cultures, where the clinical coordinates change; to propitiate links with our peers around the world and learn from each other. We will host an International Seminar once or twice per semester. In each opportunity we will welcome an analyst from the world wide community of the Lacanian Field. The attendance to the Seminars is free for full time students of the Clinical College of Colorado.

Lacanian Group Supervision

This opportunity is thought of as an introductory way to the clinical settings of psychoanalysis. It is a space dedicated to thinking about the direction of the cure and the position of the analyst in the transference parting from the logic already working in the case. Instead of a Super-Vision it is intended rather as a Co-Vision.